Employment Services Orientation

Sara Riel Inc. Overview

Sara Riel is a non-profit organization that provides services and supports to people living with mental health concerns to assist them in finding competitive, satisfying employment and help them live independently in the community. This is achieved by providing supports through several different service streams: Community Mentorship, Housing/Tenancy Services, Employment Services and Seneca Respite Services.

The goal of the employment division is to help people prepare for, choose, get and keep competitive and satisfying work. We work closely with the other service areas within our organization, as well as employers in the community to provide the best opportunities and client centred supports possible. All our services are voluntary and free of charge.

Parameters for Admission

In order to access our services, an individual fills out an application form that can be; printed off our website and mailed in, picked up from our head office at 101-66 Moore Avenue, or it can be completed with our intake coordinator. We also offer orientations every second Thursday that explain all of the Sara Riel services that clients can access. Clients as well as external supports are encouraged and permitted to attend before, during or after they (or the individual they are supporting) fill out an application. All applications are then returned to our intake coordinator and reviewed by the admissions committee. Clients must meet the following criteria for admittance:

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have a clinically diagnosed mental health concern or a self-declared (employment only) mental health concern which affects their ability to obtain or maintain employment
  3. Willing to actively participate and engaged in all aspects of our services and attend appointments as necessary.

Clients receiving our services can be unemployed, underemployed or receiving social assistance. Our services are offered for the duration of 1 full year from the date they are assigned , with the possibility of being extended to 2 years if an individual would like supports after they become employed.

All services are offered in English or French as we are a designated bi-lingual organization

Services Offered By the Employment Division

Our employment division delivers our supports through multiple sources that clients can use to achieve their goals of preparing for, choosing, getting and keeping employment.

The services we offer include:

  1. Month long Vocational Skill building classes that help people prepare for, choose, get and keep employment. These classes run 3 hours a day 5 days a week excluding holidays.
  2. Monthly computer training classes to build computer skills. These classes run at opposite times of the employment classes so clients can take both at the same time if they choose
  3. One on one sessions with an Employment Specialist to identify personal/ professional barriers to employment and provide counseling and vocational planning
  4. Career counselor services to develop a career path or access education/training resources. Staffs will support those who become involved in external education and training
  5. Supported job search/facilitation services to assist in finding a job and networking
  6. Job retention services once employment is achieved to deal with any issues that may arise to help maintain their employment. This is an additional year of service once employment is secured.
  7. Weekly open" job search where clients can use our computers and work on their resumes with the assistance of staff.
  8. EIA benefits counseling to assist clients to understand the transition to work process and the effects on their benefits

The workshops and open job search are accessible to clients even if they have not been assigned a worker so they can become engaged while they are on our waitlist.

Participants have the option to access all these services upon their request, but they are not mandatory. The vocational workshops are highly recommended as a starting point as they provide training, information and essential skill building to get people ready to enter or re-enter the work force. Staffs also use the workshops to assess client's skills and abilities regarding social and vocational skills. Even if a participant is taking the workshops they can still access the services of an Employment Specialist, Intensive Case Manager, Employment Facilitator or Career Counsellor.

Roles of Staff and Participants

The roles of the staff vary depending on the services the participant chooses to use. Although staff may perform tasks specific to their role, all staff are able to: establish a positive working relationship, assess a clients' current mental health/ employment situation, create an individualized employment plan, orient clients to our services, and provide on-going employment and counseling supports. They will be in contact with clients external supports and services (given consent) to provide the best supports possible to insure their goals are being met, and to make adjustments to their employment plan as necessary.

The expectation for clients is the same for all services: to be actively engaged in the planning, creation and participation of their employment goals and processes. Clients are required to attend appointments as scheduled and inform staff of any changes that may affect these plans and processes.

Staff Positions

Employment Specialists

Employment Specialists work one-on-one with clients in all aspects of their employment process. Employment Specialists are with a client from their initial assessment and planning; through to providing employment retention supports and counseling once employment is achieved. They are responsible for assessing work readiness, identifying barriers to employment, creating an individualized employment plan with the client, facilitating job search, assisting with building resumes and interview skills, teaching classes, providing job retention supports, case management, and providing on-going support for personal or professional issues which arise that could affect employment. Employment Specialists also make referrals to external agencies or provide advocacy to access other services we may not provide.

Career Counsellor

The Career Counselor initially assists in identifying what a client's current hopes and aspirations are in regards to career goals. They help identify career options, career path planning, building a vocational profile, advising on educational resources, identifying transferable skills, and advice on how to advance in your current career. Career Counselors also work on building relationships with employers and educational/ training/ funding organizations to provide links between them and our clients. Additionally, the Career Counselor consults with the other staff regarding the maintenance and updating of their employment plan. This is an optional service participants can access.

Employment Facilitator

The Employment Facilitator is a service offered under our intensive cases unit to help those with more severe and persistent mental health needs and barriers, to plan for and search for work. The Employment Facilitator works closely with the Intensive Case Manager to monitor client's mental health and create a suitable individualized employment/ recovery plan. Employment Facilitators help with skills assessments, job matching, benefits counseling, vocational skill building, employment retention supports, and provide counseling as needed. Employment Facilitators also work closely with external supports and network with potential employers to secure employment or training opportunities for higher needs clients. Employment Facilitators have 2 years to work with clients on preparing for, choosing, getting and keeping employment.

Intensive Case Manager

The Intensive Case Manager provides case management, one to one counseling sessions, guidance and consultation on clients to other staff in the Intensive Cases Unit, on-going assessments of client's mental health, and consults with other mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists or clinicians around issues regarding a participants' mental health. The Intensive Case Manager's main focus is to provide counseling to individuals living with severe and persistent mental health issues and aid in their recovery. The Intensive Case Manager primarily deals with clients who have a multitude of personal mental health concerns that require more intensive and thorough counseling supports. They can provide supports for up to 2 years for their clients.

Discharge and Transfer from Services

Discharge from the program occurs when:

  1. A client formally requests to end services for personal reasons or all goals have been achieved
  2. Their service time is completed. *
  3. Failure to contact staff for 30 days or failure to attend multiple appointments with no explanation.
  4. It is determined that our services are not suitable for a client and a successful transition has occurred
  5. Client is hospitalized long term, exhibits aggressive behaviors or refuses to engage in their portion of their employment plan

* There is an option to "carry over" clients for an additional year if they have not met their employment goals but are actively engaged and making progress

A no contact letter will be mailed to clients if no contact has been made within 30 days. The letter will indicate dates in which the client is required to reply between and if no reply is received the clients file will be closed. Clients can always reapply if needed and can be rapidly re-enrolled if they have received services within the past year.

If a clients' service time has expired and it is determined the client still requires counseling supports, a referral to our community services will be initiated. Clients can receive services from any of Sara Riel Inc. departments simultaneously.

If you are interested in applying for the Work Placement Force Program, download and complete the Application Form.

Email, fax, post or deliver your completed application to:
Judy Klein-Taylor
E-Mail: jklein-taylor@sararielinc.com
Phone: 204-237-9263 Ext 149 or DIRECT 204-237-7165
Fax: 204-233-2564

Mailing Address:
Sara Riel Inc.
101-66 Moore Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2M 2C4